Top Tortoise Sunglasses by SOLFUL Ibiza

Tortoise sunglasses Designs

  1. DIAMANTE Tiger is glamorous big round octagon sunglasses with dark brown lend and slick tortoise frame. The DIAMANTE Tiger is defined as unisex sunglasses but usually worn by women.

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Round Tortoise Sunglasses

  1. PADA the oversize round sunglasses with a beautiful metal frame with a subtle sparkly tortoise rim. The PADA Leo is a brown lens.
  2. MYSTIQUE the oval Jack Kennedy sunglasses style which has a rimless lens, with an inner Leopard / Havana tortoise pattern. The MYSTIQUE sunglasses lens are golden brown.





Tortoise Cat-eye Sunglasses

    1. GATA this our personal favorite tortoiseshell sunglasses. the vintage women cat eye sunglasses with mirror smokey lens gives the jungle tortoise plastic frame a glam look.
    2. MEOW the SOLFUL Ibiza loved Iconic sunglasses model in a tortoise plastic frame design with some golden lens.


    MEOW LEO women tortoise sunglasses plastic frame



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    Tortoiseshell sunglasses are beautiful, the pattern of the frame (usually plastic) gives a fresh jungly look. Tortoise Sunglasses as a design style are unisex and are loved women and men alike.

    Currently, SOLFUL Ibiza has more feminine women tortoise sunglasses designs. We have four Leopard / Havana / tortoise models. We have cat eye tortoise sunglasses, round frame leopard sunglasses, and more Havana frame sunglasses.

    Enjoy your SOLFUL Ibiza tortoise sunglasses  :)

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