SOLFUL brings the sunny & juicy vibz of Ibiza to each customer 24/7/365 no matter where they are, always living life through rose-tinted glasses.




An Ibiza born sunglasses brand. We design our quality sunglasses in Ibiza and sell them in Mallorca, Formentera, and Menorca for several years. Our vision is to bring Ibiza love & positive vibes worldwide, to your everyday life, by selling our original sunglasses at an affordable price. We love the good life, the beach, nightclubs, and having a good time.

We are Ibiza soul under the sun.


Born under the Sun. Raised under the Stars. SOLFUL grew up fast on the main streets and pristine beaches of Ibiza. Everything comes to this island. Every virtue, every sin, every want, every need, every lustful thought - and every pure one too. Every language comes here, every skin colour, with wallets full or pockets empty, in kicks or kaftans, turbans or trilbies, by boat, by plane. For centuries it has been this way and SOLFUL learned to sit at the tables of saints & sinners without judgement or fear, to learn from them, to accept them, to become them so that one day we could become you.

“SOLFUL can get you through any door, any disaster, any deal, any day.”

Never has the walk of shame felt so proud or the yoga retreat looked so dangerous. There is not a moment we aren't ready for if you just place your trust in us. We can enjoy a prosseco lunch with your grandmother on the deck of crisp white yacht, bobbing upon twinkling seas or patrol the pavements thumbing for taxis with the Neapolitans, the first flashes of dawn upon us, bed still a distant dream. We can hide secrets from your boss, demand attention in a room of models. 

“Venga solmister! Vamos solsister! Take our hand. Because we know you.”

All the sides of you. We know the you splashed across your Instagram page and the you underneath, in the murky depths, the one no one else sees. We accept all of you without reservation and will never ask you to choose, to live clean or rave dirty. With us you are everything and nothing.





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