Where should you buy sunglasses in Ibiza

Searching for the perfect place for the perfect sunglasses in Ibiza? That means that your Ibiza vacation is around the corner, or even better you are already here.

What should you do, "where I can find my perfect Ibiza pair of sunglasses ???" Your sunglasses have to be fresh, funky, not too pricy because of your parting and going to the beach all day long.

SOLFUL the Ibiza born sunglasses brand will help you to find the perfect place to get your sunnies on the island. The hunt of the perfect pair of sunglasses begins...

 Option #1 - Order online

Get SOLFUL sunglasses in Ibiza with free delivery to anywhere you are.

solfulvibes blog bought her VICENT sunglasses in ibiza old town

Beautiful #solsister @solfulvibesblog, bought her VICENT at Ibiza old town

Option #2 - Find a boutique nearest to you

Passing by cafe del mar shop, voila, just so the perfect round shape sunglasses, love them! If you're around Calle Vara de Rey, get your SOLFUL sunglasses at cafe del mar.

Driving up to the hippie temple, the beach of Benirràs, jumping to the water, rolling in the sand, playing some drums with the local hippies, wow, such a great day. While Garbing a beer in elements, I could no ignore those great Janis Joplin style sunglasses, I HAVE TO GET THEM !!! So I did ... 

You don't want to miss out on Element boutique at Cala Benirràs, 07815 Sant Miguel

You can find this cute fashion and sunglasses shop just by the beach at Puerto de Santa Eulalia, zona 4, local 11.

Walking around the shopping blocks just outside Ibiza old town. Ibiza women story boutique is where you should be heading, at Carrer Ramon y Cajal, 1.

 solfulvibes blog wear VICENT sunglasses at the beach in ibiza

All photos by @solfulvibesblog, wearing SOLFUL Ibiza VICENT

Now, happy, hippie, and with four new pair of sunnies. I can go back to focus on some parties ;) 



When I've arrived back home, and shared my sunglasses hunt story, my boyfriend asked me" why U didn't enter to solful.co

F@&k F@&k F@&k


Enjoy your summer guys.


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