Fit Vintage Retro Round Sunglasses to Your Face Shape

Are you on the fence about vintage retro round sunglasses?

If yes, at SOLFUL Ibiza we have some beautiful sunglasses models for you to choose. From the iconic John Lennon style (round and teashade) sunglasses to the hippie Janis Joplin sunglasses. Vintage retro sunglasses have been one of the sunglasses in vogue not just because of the beauty but as a result of the inspiration behind it. The task in shopping round retro sunglasses online is not a trivial one, let's get started.

The task becomes a bit complicated when you are not a sunglasses addict (we are), and you don't own a lot of sunglasses models. A difficulty you might find is to select the perfect retro sunglasses that will suit your face shape, skin color and hair. For example, vintage round sunglasses are trendy, but nor all sizes and styles are a perfect fit for every face type.

Of the different types of sunglasses, one of the most popular in SOLFUL Ibiza is the men’s round sunglasses. The men’s and women round sunglasses have been in vogue for years because of its ability to blend with different colors and designs. The unique shape and diverse style make the glasses gorgeous. And the classic teashade sunglasses are considered unisex, so less adventurous individual can find a natural fit for their style.

Face fit of the round sunglasses

When planning to buy any sunglass, it is crème to consider if the sunglasses will suit your face. Even you are not actively thinking “what sunglasses fit my face shape, when you shop online you are reflecting on this thought. The reason why you need to choose the ideal sunglass for you is to avoid selecting a sunglass that will look awkward on you. Too big can seem awkward and too small may just not fit your face. The classic shape of the teashade sunglasses has made it a top style of sunglasses everyone wants to have because its feet most face shapes.

Will round and teashade sunglasses suit my face?

For the round lens and teashade sunglasses to fit you correctly, you must have one of the following types of face shape.
Note; Not having the any of the types of face shape below doesn’t mean all vintage retro round sunglasses won’t fit you; maybe a teashade sunglasses design is better than a perfect circle.

The four face shapes that the vintage retro round sunglasses fit perfectly are the;

  • Heart face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Oblong face shape (oval)
  • Round face shape

face shape for choosing sunglasses solful ibiza



Here are the reasons why the teashade and round sunglass fit those types of face shapes and recommended SOLFUL Ibiza models to match your face shape.

The Heart face shape

this is because people with the heart face shaped people have broad foreheads, and narrow chins which makes it a perfect fit for the round sunglasses. The round sunglasses also add balance to the heart face shaped people. If your face is small heart shape teashade sunglasses might be preferable. A Longer layered lob or wispy bangs hair cut, and SOLFUL Ibiza models to be perfect for you are:

GAL, SOLLY, MARIPOSA, PLASTIKA,MEOW, PEACE, JANIS and JOKER. CUIDADO will also fit for smaller head sizes.

GAL Black

Cutting edge Andy Warhol sunglasses

SOLLY Dark Violet

Soft and stylish cat-eye sunglasses

Square face shape

The Square faced their wide cheekbones, and strong jawline characterizes shape people. Wearing the circle lens sunglasses on the face will soften the look of the face. Square face shape sunglasses will go nicely with SOLFUL Recommended models are STORMY, ROCCO, BESQUARED, MUCHACHA, DIAMANTE, MARIPOSA, and PLASTIKA

ROCCO Yellow-orange

Browline aviator sunglasses


Durable full plastic rave sunglasses


Long Oval face shape (oblong)

The oblong face shaped people are people that have faces that are longer than full. The oval faced people also have a long nose and strong jawline. The pros of the vintage retro round sunglasses are that they add balance to the face without minimizing the natural features if the face. For the small elliptical face type, we recommend all the tiny collection. including teashade sunglasses and John Lennon style sunglasses. For a big head with an oblong shape, this is the perfect measures for sunglasses, anything goes.



John Lennon style sunglasses

 ARISTOL Gold Black

Small Teashade Sunglasses

Oval-round face shape

The oval faces are the balanced face with a rounded forehead and chin. These types of looks are always envied because of the natural ability to suit any sunglass. These face types will not only satisfy the John Lennon style sunglasses, but they will also adopt other sunglasses too. If we had an oval face, we would go for ROCCO or STORMY as steampunk sunglasses are.

Other SOLFUL sunglasses models that go well with round head shape are:


MEOW Leopard

Round Sexy Cat-eye Sunglasses

 HEMEX Brown

hexagonal teashade sunglasses


Nice know about the vintage round sunglasses

  • Any eyewear with the vibe of the 50s, 60s, or 70s can be referred to as a vintage round sunglass. Vintage fans can even go as far as choosing styles of the 20s and 30s.
  • The vintage retro round sunglasses are accompanied by features like a double bridge and thicker rims. The sunglasses also have different designs that can be explored.

The bottom line remains that the round lens sunglasses easily create a unique look that blends the old school and modern look. When it comes to styling the Men’s round sunglasses with the colorful lens is versatile and can go with the formal or informal mode of dressing.
In conclusion, the circular lens accentuates your feature and enhances your look. Go SOLFUL Ibiza.

Like we say in Ibiza.
Hasta Luego


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