Unisex Is the New Sex Closing the Gender Gap on Sunglasses

  • Are you looking forward to purchasing a new pair of sunglasses? 
  • A bit confused if the sunglasses you liked are men sunglasses or women sunglasses?
  • What is Unisex sunglasses?

I will answer all these questions and some great unisex sunglasses design in exchange for 2 minutes of reading time.

Unisex sunglasses: Unisex is the new sex

Men often find themselves confused when shopping for sunglasses in-store and online. A man who wants to buy sunglasses online could find himself confused if the sunglasses are “too feminine.” Women might feel that a certain model of sunglasses is not “feminine enough.”  Whether you are men or women looking for sunglasses, or just curious where does the line, that separate sex and gender of sunglasses, is drawn? Look no further; there is no line. Unisex sunglasses is the new sex, and today we will finally close the sunglasses gender gap. 

Unisex can be considered as the new sex for a few decades now. The gay community has started to out the straight men of the closet, regarding fashion and style for some time now. Women in the western world are liberated, healthy and beautiful for decades in all life aspects. Men and women alike are closer than ever in the definition of fashion style. The (so-called) unisex sunglasses are closing the gender gap that exists in sunglasses. Men and women sunglasses are now the edge case, most of the sunglasses from a free human perspective are unisex — one step towards closing the sunglasses gender gap.

Men and women sunglasses: closing the gender gap on sunglasses

When you take sunglasses available for purchase in the market, you will come across a large number of options. Are all gender defined? NO. Unisex sunglasses is the majority of sunglasses, and you need to man-up (as a figure of speech)! Out of those options, the unisex aviator sunglasses and classic steampunk that come under the brand SOLFUL have received a lot of attention. Say hello to STORMY and ROCCO by SOLFUL Ibiza. We have gone to the second step of closing the sunglasses gender gap.


SOLfUL Ibiza ROCCO model is an aviator sunglasses with small side shields and bridge. People who are more attracted to classic aviator looking sunglasses will be able to purchase SOLFUL ROCCO. These sunglasses can deliver the perfect Ibiza look to you and help you prepare for an ideal night out. ROCCO sunglasses are available in several lens colors and have 400 UVA/UVB for best eye protection.


SOLFUL Ibiza STORMY model is a metal steampunk sunglasses for funky boys and naughty girls. Individuals who are searching for round unisex steampunk sunglasses should getting their hands on SOLFUL STORMY. These sunglasses combine the vintage look along with a futuristic appearance. Therefore, you will be able to get an enhanced all gender experience wearing these funky shades. STORMY sunglasses are available in several lens colors and have 400 UVA/UVB for best eye protection.


Unisex square-polygon sunglasses

If you are not looking for the aviator, steampunk round sunglasses, these hexagon sunglasses or polygon shape sunglasses, will be a dream come true. Small hexagon and other square shape sunglasses are pure unisex sunglasses. An amazing unisex hexagonal sunglass named JOKER, You just need to go through the collection and get your hands on the best sunglasses available. Welcome JOKER and HEXMEX. The third and final step for multi-gender sunglasses AKA unisex sunglasses.


JOKER is a hexagon sunglasses model in every color you can think of. Do you have a life partner? be prepared to share those shades or get two colors in advance. If you are searching for small hexagon sunglasses, SOLFUL JOKER is a great option available for you to consider. Whether you are looking for a mysterious look or want some more edges in your square life, JOKER comes in many colors. yes, men can wear pink sunglasses.



HEXMEX are a small polygon sunglasses for a Spanish sophisticated look. Inspired by Tulum Mexico atmosphere and Ibiza soul, HEXMEX was born. Do you want to experience the authentic feeling of a cold glass of Cerveza while enjoying your afternoons? Then SOLFUL HEXEX is the perfect option available to consider. You will be able to purchase these small hexagon sunglasses in multiple lens color options as well. 

We have delivered on our promise to close the gender gap on sunglasses. No more men and women sunglasses. Be a solmister and a solsister. And to think of all those men that were confused about their gender till today, Go UNISEX!

SOLFUL is a brand that offers something different from everyone else. We are Ibiza soul we are the rave; we are wild, we are white sandy beaches in the sunrise, we invite you to be SOLFUL with us.

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