Transparent Frame Sunglasses SOLFUL Ibiza Favorites

Transparent frame sunglasses have a fresh stylish look. They are usually made from a type of plastic and a colorful lens. Our transparent frame sunglasses are always with UV 400 lens for 100% protections, also when you are in a funky Ibiza mode.

We will present you SOLFUL Ibiza top transparent frame sunglasses. If you want to see the full transparent frame collection you get to go directly to it and skip reading, however, if you keep it to the end, we have a special surprise for you. We love all of the transparent frame sunglasses because they are fresh stylish and a light breezy vibe to it (Ibiza you know...) but if we have to do our transparent frame sunglasses ranking here it is:

1. TETRIS: chic sunglasses with a hexagon transparent frame. Loved by women and men alike.

2. ARAGON: a bit more masculine sunglasses, the frame shape is retro round wayfarer and the best thing you can get it in smoky transparent and crystal clear transparent frame.



3. VICENT: a unisex diamond shape with a dark lens, a classic for transparent frame lovers. Are you into to the red frames craze? great! this is what you need.



4. KORBEN: futuristic with American and Italian touch, very strong Ibiza coolness attached.

5. POLLY: exciting samurai cat eye sunglasses in transparent blue, red and black.



as promised, surprise for those of you who read the article about our favorite transparent frame sunglasses design:

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