Why people wear sunglasses in Ibiza at Night (or parties)?

There's a thing here in Ibiza and in clubs and outdoor parties around the world to wear sunglasses at night. So why people wear sunglasses at night or wear sunglasses to parties?

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Some people think it is cool to wear sunglasses to a club, and others don't understand why should someone even wear sunglasses at night. SOLFUL Ibiza team will answer this and more!

Spoiler: it is probably a mix of trying to be cool and drugs.

It ever happened to you guys, dancing in Pacha Ibiza, looking around, enjoying the music, loving the faces around you, bouncing up and down, and then. A group of people wearing sunglasses, at night, indoors. Normal or weird?

What the hell are these people hiding? Do they protect their eyes, their brains is it soundproof from bad music, or it might be because the DJ is wearing his cool steampunk sunglasses.

After investigating Hi ravers, DC-10 partygoers, and Pacha hipsters, SOLFUL Ibiza team has the answer! If these are sunglasses (color lens or dark lens), there are two possible reasons.

The first guess was that those are unique techno sunglasses, made especially for DJs and ravers. So when you go out, you should put your party sunglasses to maximize your party experience.

Well, that could have a cool explanation, but it is far from the truth. The first real reason is coolness. Yes, people are just not getting enough of the swag in Ibiza beach partied wearing their SOLFUL sunglasses, so they keep them on to night clubs. Sunglasses are always a cool accessory, and those sunglasses addicts don't wont to give up their addiction to sunglasses at the club. The second reason is usually hiding your crazy super-high eyes. Yes, the loving stuff people take in the club also makes their eye a bit crazy.

So guys, let's face it, why do you wear your sunglasses while partying? to hide your eyes (although they are so beautiful) and to look to other sexy people without being spotted, or to protect your eyes ;))

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So is Corey Hart singing about coke and girls or being tough?

I do know why I do wear them. Love & techno

so if you wear sunglasses to a party or at night, do it properly :)

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